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Veritas Security Services is known for its high ranked and most skilled employees. We offer thrilling and challenging career opportunities in a multitude of professional areas. At our platform, we believe that our employees are our family. Unlike other companies, we do not rely on recruiters to select the most highly appropriate personnel; in fact, we involve ourselves to create our power pack team, which is proficient at what they do.

We select only the best-suited people for all jobs. There is no margin for any compromise when it comes to team formation. At our platform, We only recruit highly qualified and highly skilled personnel. The professionals from the private sector, as well as former U.S. military and law enforcement, are more than welcome to pursue their careers in the Veritas Security Services.

Right Alignment

We are always in hunt for people having the utmost caliber; accountability, integrity, and professionalism. We promise a work-friendly environment in which every individual gain an excellent opportunity to learn and grow. All decisions made at the company are unbiased, and all the hirings are based strictly on merits. We have deployed a zero discrimination policy, enabling all skilled individuals of any ethnicity, race, religion, and gender to get an equal chance for career development in a renowned company.

For all the ex-workers of U.S. force and military, Veritas Security is a perfect platform to pursue your security career in a civilian uniform. More than seven percent of our employees are former military or law enforcement workers. At the start of every session, we provide our employees with vigorous training, thus enhancing their skills even more. Put merely; Veritas Security Services infiltrate the best employees in their team.

So if you are ready to embark on a meaningful career with one of the nation’s most dynamic and fastest-growing security companies, apply with Veritas Security Services today. You can contact us at or call (213) 377-2222.

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