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About Us

We create the ideas and experiences that help progressive brands thrive

We break the mold and adjust to your security needs.

We take the time to get to know our clients so that we can effectively unite their business
objectives with intelligent security guard services solutions.

what we do

Who We Are

Veritas Security Services is a Los Angeles, CA-based security company, founded in 2012. By providing uncompromising management support, timely problem resolution, and an overall superior level of service focused on exceeding every client’s expectations, we have steadily made our mark in the industry.

Our organization is fully licensed, insured, and growing at a rapid pace, not through a great marketing plan but solely through word of mouth. All of the security officers are trained to adapt to many different situations. With our diversified workforce, we can offer multiple services, including installation & monitoring of CCTVs, event protection, construction site protection, armed security, and medical marijuana protection.

  • We work alongside national and international
  • Committed to conducting its business
  • Responsible customer relations through clear communication.

Why Choose Us

Flexibility: We are capable of customizing our services according to what suits your needs the best. Doesn’t matter if you want a comprehensive security team on an urgent basis or if you need only a single guard for a prolonged period, we do not restrict you to getting our services “as is.”

All our services are incredibly professional. Our customers are our priority; we work hard to meet the different requirements of different people. Veritas Security is not a “one size fits all” brand. Conversely, we believe in customization, and thereby we have brought the most flexible terms of services for you!

  • Mobile response units
  • Committed to conducting its business
  • Responsible customer relations
  • We work alongside local authority
why choose us

Ultimate Solution

We provide a multitude of services ranging from risk assessment to commercial 24/7 security. You can find every security concerning product, service, and consultation easily at our platform. Dealing with us, you get a full-fledged, broad-spectrum security provider at your service.


Our teams and services are very cost-efficient, unlike most companies. Our top priority is to make sure that everyone gets access to 100% security and not the profit margins. Thereby, you do not have to worry about keeping a vast budget spare solely for safety purposes.

Reliable Teams

We have handpicked the best in the industry to work with our company. The specialists from military, safety, and criminal reports are appointed to hire our personnel. Each of them knows their job thoroughly and can protect you from any unanticipated security threats.

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Our Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value experimentation,
the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.


Honour Chick
Qualified Manager


Andrew Patnett
Operations Manager


Vincent Zunta
Marketing Director